Should you wish to register your Club to receive email alerts for new tournaments as they are released please contact us here at info@proacademytournaments.com where our team will help you. Remember Pro Academy Tournaments work and liaise directly with 100's of European tournament organisers and have numerous exclusive UK partnerships which mean only we can promote , market and sell specific tournaments to all professional and semi professional academies

Pro Academy Tournaments are thrilled to announce the launch of there very first U23 International Cup at the magnificent Catez Resort in Slovenia. Played over 3 days, this 16 team professional tournament  promises to attract some excellent teams from across Europe. For more information please email info@proacademytournaments.com  

Pro Academy Tournaments are delighted to launch there 2007 & 2008 born International Tournament in Sportilia, Italy from 1st - 3rd June 2018 We have a small number of available spaces for this fantastic tournament - for more details please contact info@proacademytournaments.com for an up to date schedule of this and more fantastic academy tournaments across Europe for this season and next

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Each season the major headache for Academy Managers, Lead Phase Coaches or Academy Administrators when thinking about tournaments or tours abroad is where, who against, when and how? With the EPPP requiring Clubs to offer a varied games programme in some respects it is now almost compulsory to look at tournaments or trips abroad to satisfy this element. Pro Academy Tournaments has been set up specifically to take away all the time and effort required to ensure your Club plays in the right tournament, against the right teams in the right environment. For any tournament needs do not hesitate to contact us at info@proacademytournaments.com